Our clinicians have 20+ years experience working with
older adults and nursing homes.
Oak Roots Dynamic offers a wide range of support to skilled nursing facilities,
assisted, and independent living communities.
Support Group Development, Facilitation, or Training Staff Facilitators:
     - Rehabilitation/Post-Acute Care Adjustment
     - Long-Term Care (Newly admitted and ongoing)
     - Coping with chronic illness
     - Memory Care/Reminiscence
Professional supervision for social service departments:
     - Professional development
     - Training and monitoring of performance
     - Educational requirements (BSW, MSW, LPC)
     - Professional Licensure (MSW, LCSW, LPC, LCPC)
Staff Education & Training:
     - Empathy and patient-centered care
     - Understanding family conflict
     - Grief and end of life care
     - Depression in older adults
     - Adjustment to long-term care 
Organizational Consultation
Quality patient care stems from strong leadership, positive staff morale, and job satisfaction. Understand your community strengths and areas for improvement to IMPROVE PATIENT OUTCOMES & REDUCE DEFICIENCIES.  

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